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LilyPad S.T.E.A.M. Starter Kit - Pre-Teen and Early Teen

$ 29.95

LilyPad Arduino is a great way to learn programming and simple circuits while interacting with the real world. Our LilyPad S.T.E.A.M. Starter Kit helps everyone experience and enjoy S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) with physical, hands-on projects they can control, interact with and build on. This kit will teach them the basics after which they can add on components to build ever more impressive projects!

Electrical circuits and programming are very similar - differing primarily in whether they manipulate the physical world (electronic circuits) or virtual world (programming)... the LilyPad Arduino links both by using a simple programming language to send electrical signals to trigger real world devices... turn on or off a light, detect and measure a voltage from a sensor or tell a motor to rotate. 

This kit contains all the elements and instructions to turn on and off these LEDs... with them, a child is limited only by their imagination. Add the devices to a piece of cloth and they can sew a shimmering piece of clothing, add lights to a car or truck, light their dollhouse or create a lit holiday decoration.

Safe, LilyPads can be soldered but can also use conductive thread so no soldering is required and they operate on 5 volts or less

 Included in the kit is:

- LilyPad USB Atmega32u4 Board - the heart and controller for the LEDs.

- Coin Cell Battery Holder

- 5 Meters of Conductive thread

- 12 LEDs in 6 different colors

Other supplies needed:

- Needle for sewing conductive thread or tape to hold the thread in place on non-sweable surfaces.

- Coin cell battery (CR2032 or equivalent) - required to power the LEDs if not connected to a computer

- Whatever they want to add the LEDs to: Clothing, dollhouse, toy cars, etc.


- Access to a computer with USB port to upload their program to the LilyPad

- Micro USB cable

See our LilyPad Basics for ideas on whet else they can do!

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