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Jewel Series DIY Light Up Mask & Clothing Kit with 20 Assorted Color LEDs

$ 29.99

Our complete kit with 20 assorted color LEDs contains everything needed to create your custom LED design on any sewable item - bags, hoodies, jackets, Covid-19 masks... anything that can be sewn!

Included in the Holiday Colors Kit:

  • 20 super thin Jewel® LEDS 
    • 8 White LEDs
    • 4 Red LEDs
    • 2 Blue LEDs
    • 2 Green LEDs
    • 2 Yellow LEDs
    • 2 Orange LEDs
  • Battery pack with JST plug to hold 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included)
  • 10 meters (32 feet) of conductive thread
  • AMX3d Jewel Series Power Bridge
  • Needle and Needle Threader
  • Test Leads for testing the circuit as you sew
  • Hook and Loop discs for attaching the Power Supply to your project
  • Conductive Thread Insulator to seal the conductive thread after sewing
  • Covid Mask earsaver
  • Complete Instructions

Included is a battery pack, powering up to 20 LEDs with 4.5 volts -  a low enough current so there is no danger of electrical shock but powerful enough to light 20 LEds for hours! .  Also included is AMX3d's Jewel series Power Bridge allowing easy connection to the included battery pack. The Power Bridge contains sewable connection points to connect conductive thread to the plug on the battery pack and automatically cuts off power if a short circuit is detected.


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