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Jewel LEDs Assortment Kit - 20 LEDs & 2 Battery Holders – 5 Red, Green, Blue & White LED with Resistor and 2 Coin Cell Battery Holders for E-Textiles and Wearable Projects

$ 26.99
  • LILYPAD LIGHTS: Brighten up your next LilyPad wearable electronics project with these small but eye catching LED lights (color marked on the back).
  • POWER SUPPLY: The LED lights kit also includes a coin cell battery holder with switch and conductive thread to connect power to your board’s twinkling colored lights.
  • EASY TO SEW: Needles and threader included! The small lights are just 1.6mm thick with generous sew tabs, and the LEDs bend nicely making them ideal for sewing into wearables projects.
  • RELIABLE LEDs: Our small colored LED lights measure just 5 x 11mm and are designed with a protective internal resistor, so they may be connected directly to a 3v – 5v power source.
  • AMX3D ACCESSORIES: The best sewable creations start with great inputs, outputs and parts.

LilyPad Compatible Blue LED Light Kit

These LEDs are perfect for any project requiring a color light output or indicator light, including textile based computers, robotics, and 3D printer projects.

AMX3d's Classic LEDs are small, sewable 5mm x 11mm LEDs,, these LED’s lend themselves both to being stitched and/or glued into a piece. While the LED accessories are small, generous tabs make them easy to sew on to your wearables with conductive thread or solder. These LEDs have their color printed clearly on the back to avoid confusion.

These LEDs will light up any project, and have an internal resistor for protection, to help you produce reliable, effective and imaginative LilyPad creations.

Power & Connection

To get your  LED lights twinkling, we have included a CR2032 Coin Cell Battery Holder with a small slide switch installed on the board, in-line with the power. The power supply gives you 4 connection points (two positive and two negative) for sewing or soldering into your project, and is supplied with a generous length of 2 ply stainless steel conductive thread.

Thicker than cotton but still thin and flexible enough to sew with easily, the conductive twine is specifically designed for use with sewable accessories, and can be used to connect a LilyPad Arduino, battery holder, and LED lights.

AMX3d LilyPad Accessories

Great creations start with the best tools. Providing everything you need for truly spectacular results, AMX3d only sell the highest quality input, output, power, and sensor boards available. They’re even washable!