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Dr. Fan's Non-Toxic, Washable Glue Sticks - Excellent for 3D Printer Bed Adhesion

$ 8.18
Our specially selected low-odor, washable 3D Printing Glue Stick. Its large size makes coating the 3D Print Bed Easy!  We feature this particular glue stick for 3D Printing not only for its exceptional adhesion - but also how it puts a mirror-like shine on the bottom of your print!
  • Finally - A Glue Stick that will last longer than your project!
  • Dries Clear - Great Adhesion
  • Jumbo 1.25 oz size - Glue Stick adhesive area is a full 1" wide
  • No strong smell - faint, pleasant aroma
  • Washable, Non Toxic, Glue Stick - ASTM Certification

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