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AMX3d High Holding Torque 84oz ( 59Ncm ) Bipolar Stepper Motor - Nema 17 frame - 1M Wiring Harness

$ 17.99
  • Compact,  high holding torque 84 oz-in/0.59 N.m Stepper Motor
  • 4 wire wiring harness included - strong, durable PVC tube protects wiring
  • Industry standard NEMA 17 Frame size
  • Drive 2A, 1.8deg Step, 200 steps per revolution
  • 5mm diameter, 20mm long single keyed shaft

NEMA17 bipolar stepper motor. Ideal for 3D Printers and other applications. The Motors are 2A, 1.8deg, single shaft (20mm long, 5mm diameter) model with holding torque 84 oz-in/0.59 N.m. 4-wire connection (Black, Green, Blue, Red) with plug on motor. Leads are 1 meter with plugs.
1 Stepper Motor
1 1M Wiring Harnesses

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