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AMX Solar 80x60mm 1.5V Working Current: 400mA

$ 8.75

This compact solar cell measures just 80mm x 60mm x 3mm, and is the perfect portable photovoltaic panel for a wide range of small DIY home or school projects. Turning the sun’s rays into power, the solar cells utilize free, clean and easily accessible energy from the sun, making them an ecological option, and they are quick and easy to install, with pre-soldered anode and cathode and 5” wires.

Ideal mini power cells for science projects and other electronic applications, the compact size of the solar panel makes them suitable for a wide range of projects including creating solar walkways, lamp repairs, solar LED displays, or to work a motor in self powered models and portable toys. The solar cells can also be used to build a portable charger for small DC batteries – ideal for use when you’re camping, hunting or away from home!

Solar Cell Specifications:

Operating Voltage: 1.5V Working Current: 400mA

Peak Power: 0.65W Size: 80mm*60mm*3mm

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