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3x LilyPad Prototype Board ProtoBoard (Small) - 3pcs

$ 6.99
  • Round 20mm Diameter Prototyping Board for any Electronics Project
  • 6 connections on the periphery and 13 available connections in the standard .1 mil array
  • 10 mil traces connect holes, cut the ones you do not need to create a breadboard with infinite possibilities
  • Designed to make any Arduino or other low voltage sensor sensor available to LilyPad Projects

This is a small (20mm diameter) round board for prototyping through hole components with the LilyPad system. This is a 2" (50mm) diameter board for prototyping through hole components designed for the LilyPad system - but is great for any DIY Electronics project. There are an array of holes all shorted together with 10mil traces. This allows for quick and easy prototyping - all you have to do is cut the traces between holes you don't want connected! Standard 0.1" array. Check rear photo for trace configuration.
Contents: 3 Boards


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