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3D Print Clean-Up Kit - 17 Piece knife set with Self-Healing Cutting Pad

$ 14.99
  • No more damaged furniture or moving away from your printer to clean up 3D prints!
  • Your knives always stay sharp with this 17 piece knife kit plus self-healing cutting pad
  • 17 piece knife kit includes, 13 sharp blades, 3 handles and convenient storage case
  • Work anywhere with this compact, durable 3" x 5" self-healing cutting pad
  • Great for 3D Print Clean-up & Arts and Crafts

Our 17 piece hobby knife set and compact, durable 3" x 5" self healing cutting pad makes it easy and safe to trim the finished models with precision and safety! Set your model on the cutting pad to protect your furniture and ensuring the knife blades stay sharp. Work anywhere!

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