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3D Pen Case plus 3D Pen Accessory Kit with 3D Pen Filament Pack

$ 39.99
  • ORGANIZES all your 3D Pen Accessories and Filament in a DURABLE, HIGH QUALITY EVA case with carry strap.
  • Includes: Safety FILAMENT CUTTER, - Safely, Easily trims 3D Pen Filament
  • Includes: Comfortable, Safe SILICON FINGER COVERS - CUSHION while printing, PROTECTS from HOT pen surfaces and filament
  • Includes: 10' USB Extension Cord and Glue Stick for printing/tracing on glass or other non-stick surfaces
  • Includes: 10 Color AMX3d 1.75MM 3D Pen Filament Pack!

Keep your 3D Pen accessories and filament organized, easy to store and easy to take with you! The 8.5x7.5x2.5 inch case holds AMX3d and most other 3D Printing Pens. 
Kit includes the following:

  • Zipper close EVA "hard case" with carry strap. Open to reveal the smart storage for all your accessories. The top features a mesh pocket to hold loose accessories with two elastic loops to hold the 3D Pen and 3D Filament Clipper. Use this area to store your power adapter, silicon finger covers, etc - any loose 3D Accessories. 
    The bottom features an elastic strap to hold looped filament and your USB extension. Centrally located in this section of the case are 3 more elastic loops – to hold your glue stick, 3D Pen power cord etc.
  • Safety Filament Cutter: 3D pens need the filament end to be snipped flat and even. Our filament cutter is designed to do so easily. Safer and more accurate than scissors, this handy cutter can also be used to trim loose filament strands from your 3D print!
  • Silicon Finger Covers: Most 3D pens have areas that can be hot and the filament itself comes out of the pen at about 200 ° C (392 ° F). These finger covers are made of soft, flexible, comfortable silicon and protect to 240 ° C. They cushion the fingers, relieving fatigue from using the 3D pen.
  • 10' USB Extension cord to extend the working area for any 3D pen connecting via USB to more than 10'. Compatible with the AMX3d 3D Pen and many others! (Note: If your 3D pen does not use USB, the enclosed cord can be used to extend other USB devices such as phone chargers!)
  • AMX3d 10 Color Filament Pack. This is a set of 10 colors, 5 Meters each
    • Emerald Green
    • Bubble Gum Pink
    • Cardinal Red
    • Tangerine Orange
    • Sunflower Yellow
    • Dolphin Gray
    • Midnight Black
    • Lilac Purple
    • Sky Blue
    • Snow White

    - more than 16 feet of each of the 10 colors!

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