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20KHZ CNC Single Axis 32 Segment Upgraded TB6600 Micro Step Stepper Motor Driver Controller

$ 21.98
  • 9V-42V DC power supply
  • Bipolar constant current chopper
  • High-speed optocoupler signal isolation input
  • TTL Compatible Electrical Input Signal
  • Suitable for any small-and-medium automatic equipment with CNC controller, such as X-Y-Z tables, labeling machines, laser cutters, engraving machines, and pick-place devices


9V-40V DC power supply
H-bridge bipolar constant phase flow driver
Up to 32 segments of six kinds of sub-modes available
High Speed optically isolated input signal
Standard common anode single pulse interface
Built-in thermal protection and over-current protection
This driver is the upgraded version TB6600, heightening segment to 32 subdivision, suitable for high segmentation applications.
For step motor: 42, 57, 86 type 2 phase 4 phase (4 / 6 / 8 line)

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