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Why PLA?

  • PLA (short for polylactic acid) is a plastic made of renewable starches such as corn and sugarcane.
  • It is biodegradable and does not emit a lot of ultra fines particles (UFCs).
  • It produces a barely noticeable, but quite pleasant, sugary smell when extruding.
  • Depending on the specifications and the color, extrusion temperature can vary between 160 and 220 °C.
  • Parts printed using PLA are more rigid than ABS parts (ABS is more flexible).
  • In general, parts printed using PLA have a slightly glossy finish.
  • PLA is less prone to warping during print and is much more ‘stickier’ than ABS.
  • PLA starts to become malleable (heat deflection point) at around 60 °C.
  • PLA requires a bit more force to be extruded as it has a higher coefficient of friction than ABS


What is the RepRap project?

The RepRap project started as a British initiative to develop a 3d Printer that itself can print most of its own components. 

As an open design, all of the designs produced by the project are released under a the GNU General Public License (free open source license).

Due to "self-replication", the authors envisioned the possibility of cheaply distributing RepRap units to people and communities, enabling them to create (or download from the Internet).

More information can be found at