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AMX3d's Coronovirus Response



We believe in these trying times everyone should do what they can to help our first responders and health care professionals care for and protect us.  At AMX3d, we were printing and assembling masks when we realized we were missing where we could help most... by providing the tools necessary to make 3D Printing more efficient for all the groups also printing PPE.

Most people with a 3D printer already have the tools necessary to print the items that our first responders and medical professionals need... but, for all the groups cobbling together unused printers from schools, libraries and makerspaces and coordinating the printing and assembly of critical products, we are hopeful our toolkits may be just what is needed to get the maximum efficiency from these printers.

We have been allocated 100 of our Pro-Grade 3D Printer Toolkits to provide to groups that are using 3 or more 3D printers to print PPE.  They may not last long and our supply is limited... so complete the form below to tell us about your initiative and we'll try to get a few toolkits to you ASAP.

Please include in your description links to any social media accounts to help us confirm the details of your initiative.