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Your 3d Printer can be a Gateway to Inspiration

Essential Tools for the School and Library Makerspace 

The purpose of a makerspace has been expressed "to be inspiring an interest in science, technology, design, and lifelong learning in the people who are served by the library".  In adding a 3D printer to a library, the goal is not to simply provide the 3D printing facility but to inspire patrons to experience and enjoy 3D Printing.

Unfortunately, the "raw" finished model rarely looks like the object that was designed. By providing the right tools we can change this disappointment into INSPIRATION!  



STL File Rendering 

Printed Model With Support

Final Model After Clean-Up

Completed Project





For many first time 3D Printers, seeing the first print is a moment of disappointment... when it is discovered that what 3D printers actually print is a complex shape consisting of the end model surrounded by all the support material required to print the model.  Successfully removing the support material from the printed model doesn't need to be difficult... but you will need the right tools.


Here is a list of the essential tools for everyday 3D printing.


We've taken the best of these tools and combined them into sets specifically for Schools and Libraries - to INSPIRE students and patrons with what they can create with a 3D printer. 

Clean: Print Clean-Up Tool Sets

3D Print Clean-UP Set Designed for Schools and Libraries 3D Print Clean-Up Knife Set with Cutting Mat Accessory Kits

In Library: 1 per Makerspace Seat
Loaned:based on estimated demand

 Design: AMX3d 3D Printing Pens & Pen Kits

3D Printing Pens Filament Refills 3D Pen Case Accessory Kits

In Library: 1 per Makerspace Seat
Loaned:based on estimated demand

The Makerspace Design Kit - Design Tools for 5 Seats with 20 Filament Refills


AMX3d offers a complete selection of 3D Pens, filament refills, heat proof silicon finger covers and Accessory Cases to make these pens loanable to anyone who uses your 3D printer.  


 Print: AMX3d 3D Printing Operational Tool Kits

25 Piece Tool Kit 40 Piece Tool Kit 3D Printer Calibration Tool Kit

 Recommended: 1 per printer or 1 per staff member