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5 count AMX3d High Holding Torque 84oz ( 59Ncm ) Bipolar Stepper Motor - Nema 17 frame - 1M Wiring Harness

$ 69.95
5 of our high quality Nema 17 Stepper motors:
  • 5 Stepper Motors - Each a compact, high holding torque 84 oz-in/0.59 Ncm Stepper Motor
  • NEMA 17 Frame
  • 4 wires connecting to motor via plug
  • Drive 2A, 1.8deg Step, 200 steps per revolution
  • 5mm diameter, 20mm long single keyed shaft

5 new NEMA17 bipolar stepper motor. Ideal for 3D Printers and other applications. The Motors are 2A, 1.8deg, single shaft (20mm long, 5mm diameter) model with holding torque 84 oz-in/0.59 N.m. 4-wire connection (Black, Green, Blue, Red) with plug on motor. Leads are 1 meter with plugs.
5 Stepper Motors
5 1M Wiring Harnesses

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