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Pro-Grade 3D Printer Tool Kit - All The 3D Printing Tools Needed to Remove, Clean & Finish 3D Prints Post 3D Printing - Print Like a Pro

$ 59.30

Designed by Feedback from our Customers- Our Most Complete 3D Printing Tool Kit

Our customers are not shy when it comes to offering product feedback. When they talk, we listen and ask questions to help us bring then tools that solve real problems. This tool kit represents all the components (plus!) of 3 of our most popular tool kits. Combined, these tools are exactly what should accompany every 3D Printer - the tools to Print, Remove and Clean-Up 3D Printed Models.

What's included:

AMX3d 25 Piece 3D Printing Tool Kit

Our first, and most popular 3D Printing Tool Kit. With a focus on cleaning 3D Prints, this kit has everything needed to clean 3D Prints and make the 3D Prints spectacular. The kit includes the most popular tools for cleaning 3D Prints. 

But our customers told us we could improve it!

AMX3d 3D Print Removal System

The AMX3d 3D Print Removal System solves all your 3D Print Removal problems with one comprehensive set of 3 tools designed specifically for 3D printing. Whether you print on a heated glass bed, aluminum or other metal bed; whether you prefer hairspray, glue or tape, whether you are removing large prints or small, intricate and/or delicate prints, this set of 3 tools makes the job easy - without damaging the print or the print bed.

AMX3d Print Utility Tool Set with Case

Our customers were impressed with the quality of the 3D Printing Utility Tool included in our 25 piece kit. They asked for more... tools with different blades to reach into all the small crevices on 3D prints. We responded with our 3 Piece set:


  • #1 - Blade / Angled Spatula Combo
  • #2 - Pick/ Precision Blade Combo
  • #3 - End Sharpened Wide Blade / Narrow Tapered Blade Combo

 And we added a case designed specifically for them!

But they asked for more...

Customers appreciated our 17 piece knife set with 10 specialty blades. They're tough... but they can get dull or break after use. To address this, we've included an extra set of blades for our metal collet knife set.


So, what is not included?

We're not sure. We put this kit together based on feedback from our customers. We added everything you've asked for. But don't be shy! After you've tried it, let us know what you would like more of. Help us continue to supply the highest quality 3D printing tools and tool kits. Remember... The Best 3D prints Start With The Best Tools!

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