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3D Printing Utility Tool 3 Piece Set

$ 19.83
  • 3 Great general Utility Tools for 3D Printers and 3D Model Clean-up - three tools designed to remove & clean up 3D Prints
  • Our 3 most popular tools #1 - Blade / Angled Spatula Combo, :#2 - Pick/ Precision Blade Combo. #3 - End Sharpened Wide Blade / Narrow Tapered Blade Combo
  • Precision made stainless steel ends with comfortable stained and polished wooden handle.
  • Strong, Durable, High Quality tools!

Our precision 3D print utility tool Collection has all 3 of our popular 3D Print Utility Tools:
3D Printing Utility Tool #1 - Blade / Angled Spatula Combo
3D Printing Utility Tool #2 - Pick and Precision Blade for Support Removal in Hidden and otherwise Tight Areas …
3D Printing Utility Tool #3 A sharpened stainless steel "shovel" end, (9.6mm) one end and a narrow ((6.2mm) shovel end on the other, This tool is designed to cut and pry support material from 3D prints and a precision print removal tool.

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