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AMX 3D 3D Printer Calibration Tool Kit - Large LCD Electronic Caliper with hard plastic case, Mini Levels, LED Flashlight and Storage Pouch

$ 23.58
  • Get the most out of your 3D Printer. Initial Calibration when new and periodic fine tuning makes a HUGE difference in print quality.
  • Calibrating a printer is easy - a tuned and calibrated printer makes the best prints!
  • This kit includes AMX3d's Large LCD Electronic caliper, 2 mini bubble levels, LED Flashlight and handy storage pouch!
  • One great kit to store by your printer whenever you need to quickly fine tune your printer.
  • Calibrated Printer = Reliably Great Prints = Happy Owner!

Kit includes:
- AMX3d's Large LCD Electronic caliper. Measures up to 6" or 150mm. Resolution of ..01mm (.0005 inches) with an accuracy of .02mm
- 2 mini bubble levels. These bubble levels fit easily in all the limited access areas of your printer. They can be used alone or together at right angles to measure 2D levels all at once. 
- A bright, LED flashlight so you can see what you are doing.while you are working on your 3D printer.

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