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AMX3d's Teaching with LilyPad Technology Competition

The Teaching with LilyPad Technology Competition, sponsored by AMX3d, Inc encourages educators in the U.S, to develop S.T.E.M projects using the low cost computing of Leah Buckley’s LilyPad Technology.

LilyPad is a set of sewable electronic pieces developed to integrate technology into soft textiles… but they wound up being much more than that. These durable, low cost processors and modules allow all educators, teachers, group leaders and home-schoolers with limited school and laboratory resources, to easily bring interactive technology to their students.

The Teaching with LilyPad Technology Competition aims to make available to Educators a comprehensive, online curriculum resource of LilyPad technology based projects. We are building this through competitions which award the top project funding of $500 in AMX3d store credits to bring this technology and their project to their students. You don't need to be an Educator to enter (or to win), but your project should appeal to educators teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.)


  1. Top award (selected from the to 3 vote getters) - $500 gift certificate for AMX3d’s LilyPad Products
  2. Person casting the most votes for the winning project: - $100 gift certificatefor AMX3d’s LilyPad Products
  3. Person casting the most votes across all projects - $100 gift certificate for
    AMX3d’s LilyPad Products

To enter, vote or for more details go to our contest site!

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